West Georgia Regional Library Administrative Staff

Jessica Everingham

Martha Goodson

Assistant Director, Operations

770.830.2233 ext. 1011

Teresa Jones

Assistant Director, Children's Services

770.830.2233 ext. 1023

Katie Mitchell

Assistant Director, Technology

770.830.2233 ext. 1026

Justin Nobles

Assistant Director, Materials Management

770.830.2233 ext. 1016

Jeremy Snell

Assistant Director, Brand Strategy

770.830.2233 ext. 1015

West Georgia Regional Library Support Staff

Cary D.

Technology Associate

770.830.2233 ext. 1017

Denise D.

Office Manager

770.830.2233 ext. 1014

Annie P.

STEAM Engine Conductor

770.830.2233 ext. 1025

To learn more about the STEAM Engine, West GA's, mobile innovation lab, please click the picture above.

Ashlie S.

Business Manager

770.830.2233 Ext 1012

West Georgia Regional Library Technical Services Staff

Nancy D.

Technical Services Assistant

770.830.2233 ext. 1021

Donna M.

Mike S.

Kim S.

Processing Clerk

Shirley W.

Technical Services Assistant

770.830.2233 ext. 1020